“The Day After…”

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The Horror Story didn’t end on September 11th… Think about the state of shock everyone was in The Day After…

Most of you know that I served in The United States Marine Corps. What some of you may not know is that my M.O.S. (Military Occupational Specialty) while in The Marine Corps was an AirCraft Rescue FireFighter, aka, Crash Fire Rescue, aka Crash Crew… And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like… And so much more…

Mando's Pictures 2824

As a United States Marine, as a FireFighter and as an American… I feel that September 11th, 2001 was the most horrific day in American history… And the start of my life and what it was supposed to become…


MOBility: 3:30PM, 4:30PM & 5:30PM…

Strength… Rest Day!


As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 Mins:

ADV: M&F… With a 20lbs Weighted Vest…

Rx’d: M&F… No Vest…

9 Bar Touching Burpees

12 Burpee Box Overs (Rx’d: M-24″/F-20″…)

01 Chest To Bar Burpee Pull Up

Don’t have a Weighted Vest? Bring in an old back pack and through a Plate or two in it…

We do have 5 Weight Vests… But what we don’t have is a Magic Washing Machine to clean them up after every Class… So if you don’t mind wearing someone else’s sweat… Go for it… 5 AM Class, you’re in luck!!!

For the Chest To Bar Pull Ups… You can jump straight out of the Burpee and perform a “Jumping” Pull Up or you can jump out of your Burpee, grab the Pull Up Bar and perform a Kipping Pull Up… If you can’t get your Chest To the Bar, then stack up a few Plates so that YOUR CHEST TOUCHES THE BAR!!!


The point is… It’s supposed to SUCK… Pick the HARDEST variation that you can perform… Be smart, but make it hurt…

The Love/Hate Relationship I have with Hero WODs or Memorial WODs is confusing.  They hurt, BAD. But then, at least for me, I think about how good I have it… At that point when I’m dropping down to do another Burpee, or Jumping Up (or Stepping Up) to do another Box Jump or Box Over, or setting up for another Deadlift, or Clean, or Shoulder To OverHead, or grabbing on to that Pull Up Bar… I can look to the left and right of me and see that I have so many wonderful people in my life suffering along me… But we are living life!

I saw something yesterday that made me think… Someone said, “If you’re in CrossFit, it probably means you don’t have the drive or self motivation to work out by yourself…”

My response… Nothing…

The Drive and Self Motivation can be PROVEN on our WhiteBoard… Look at the Personal Records that have been achieved, not only this week, but throughout your “CrossFit” career… Look at the Strength Gains… Look how your MetCon Times have changed…Try on your clothes… LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND SEE HOW YOU HAVE CHANGED… Wanna take it even further? I’ve heard so many stories of just Family Life improving! Whether it’s with you and your wife or you and your husband or you and your kids or Grand-kids…


I don’t personally drive to each and everyone of your homes and make you breakfast and coffee and hold your hand to get into The Box! It’s you as an INDIVIDUAL who get your ASS outta bed and comes in at the butt crack of dawn… Only to get your ASS kicked then have to go on with the rest of your day… Or, it’s you as an INDIVIDUAL who goes to work all day and make the choice to stop by at The Box and workout when you can easily just drive home… The fact that you have other people around you who share the same passion doesn’t mean you lack Self Drive or Self Motivation…

If you want to stare at yourself in the mirror while performing Bicep Curls or moving a Pin in and out from different Weighs on a machine, grunting and screaming, I get it! Do it! Better than sitting on your ASS at home! You wanna do Smith Machine Half Squats, DO ‘EM! I respect that! Better than sitting on your ASS! There’s a lot of people who would consider Power Walking around a park their workout… I respect that! Some people do Zumba, Spin Class, Boxing, etc etc. Good for you!

But don’t you dare for one minute question my Athlete’s Character, Drive or Motivation… This is what I do and I have changed many lives…

3…2…1… GO!!!

Mando Macias

Co-Owner/Director Of Training/Coach

RC CrossFit

2040 Eastridge Ave.

Riverside, CA 92507


Alright… Back to what’s really important… Coming together as a COMMUNITY and honoring these Heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice… Their motivation was keeping us safe during a State Of Emergency and worked as a team…

9.11.2014 WOD & Scores…




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