“2nd KettleBell Seminar…”

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

This Saturday!!!

Coach Drew will be Hosting RC CrossFit’s 2nd KettleBell Seminar!!!

This Saturday Morning, (11.22.14) Coach Drew will Coach the 7AM MOBility Session… Coach Ivan will Coach the 8AM Olympic Lifting Session… I will Coach the 10AM GRID WOD… And then Coach Drew will Host RCCF’s 2nd KettleBell Seminar!

This KB Seminar will be geared toward Athletes of ALL Levels!

Please Sign Up Both Online and On The WhiteBoard in The Lil’ Box… Thanks!



15 Mins To Establish Heaviest 4 Lift Complex…

1 Deadlift + 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Clean + 1 “Shoulder To OverHead”


For a Total of 3 Cycles…

Each Cycle is 4 Mins Long and Starts with 10 Bar Touching Burpees… After each Cycle, you will Rest 1 Min and after the “Bar Touching Burpee Buy In”, you will pick up wherever you left off at in the previous Cycle…

After the 10 Bar Touching Burpees, you will have the remaining Time to perform… As Many Rounds As Possible: 

30 Double Unders (Rx’d: M&F… MOD: Mt. Climbers…)

10 KB “Shoulder To OverHeads” (Rx’d: M-53lbs/F-35lbs… 5 Each Arm…Go Heavier If You Want…)



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