“Change Of Plans…”

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Yes… I know Saturday Night’s Post said that we would be doing something else today… But as I was looking over the next few weeks, I had to change the Programming around…

I Hate The Holidays!!! Always F–Kin’ Something Up!!!

The MetCons are MetCons… Either way… You’re gonna get your Ass Kicked… What I’m most concern with is everyone’s Strength Training… I want to keep it as consistent as I can during the “Holiday Season”. I know that the whole month of December is going to be crazy for most people… Not me… I could care less… But I do understand that most of you have families and need to go Christmas Shopping, spend time with them, etc etc…  So I’m trying to squeeze in our Normal Strength Program in where I can…

Please Bear With Me If Any Last Min Changes Come Up…

“Prepare For The UnKnown & UnKnowable!!!”



You Will Perform Each Set On The Min…

Front Squat: 5x5x5x5 @ 65% of your 1 Rep Max

Push Press: 5x5x5x5 @ 65% of your 1 Rep Max


(Rx’d: M-95lbs/F-65lbs… Nobody Goes Heavier…)

As Far As You Can Get…

1st Min: 1 Thruster

2nd Min: 2 Thrusters

3rd Min: 3 Thrusters

4th Min: 4 Thrusters

Etc Etc Etc…



So I can get back to RCCF’s NORMAL PROGRAMMING!!!

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