“RC CrossFit’s 4th Annual Christmas Party!!!”

Posted: December 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Saturday Night is RC CrossFit’s 4th Annual Christmas Party!!!

First… I gotta get all “Responsible Coach” on you Ladies and Gents…

We’re all Grown Ass Men and Women… Be responsible… Yes, there will be “Adult Beverages” present… Yes, people will be drinking these “Adult Beverages”… Like, A LOT of “Adult Beverages”… Just please make sure you have a Designated Driver, someone to pick you up whether it’s a friend, family member or a taxi, somewhere to stay… Etc Etc Etc… Be Safe!!!

Second… I gotta get all “AssHole Coach” on you Ladies and Gents…

The RC CrossFit Christmas Party is STRICTLY for YOU and your FAMILIES!!! You want to bring you Wife, Husband, Daugther, Son, Sister, Brother, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle… Sweet! If you are dating someone who you are really really serious with, like on the verge of getting married, SWEET!!! They’re going to have to meet us sooner or later… THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU INVITE 10 OF YOUR HOMEBOYS OR HOMEGIRLS AND HAVE THEM TRY TO CRASH OUR PARTY BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN… IF THEY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT… I DON’T REALLY GIVE A F–K!!! THIS PARTY IS FOR OUR RC CrossFit ATHLETES & FAMILY!!!

Third… I gotta get all “Emo/Fun Coach”…

Day In & Day Out… We get our butts out of bed and head to The Box… Or we get off a long day or work or school and head to The Box… Day In & Day Out… Everyone does it for different reasons… Whatever reason it may be, you Ladies and Gents Train Your Heart Out Every Single Day!!! And it shows… Through this “Family” that we have developed known as RC CrossFit, we have made so many close relationships. Some, no most, with people who you would have normally not even spoken to in everyday life. But there is something in the air at RC CrossFit that brings us all together!

So… Come out and celebrate whatever “IT” is at RC CrossFit’s 4TH ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!

Coaches are providing all the hard stuff… We have plenty… But if there is anything in particular that you want to bring… Bring It!!! Any particular Hard Stuff, Beer, Wine, Mixers, Non-Alcoholic Drinks… Also, this is going to be a Pot Luck Style Party, so feel free to bring your favorite Dish, Appetizer, Snacks…

And Finally… DRESS UP!!!

Leave those Nasty Gym Clothes at home! Ladies, come in looking All Dolled Up & Sexy! And, Fellas, come in looking All GQ! You worked hard for those bodies… Flaunt It… Own It!!! UnderWear/Panties Optional!!!



MOBility: 7AM & 11AM

Olympic Lifting: 8AM


Clean Up Party: 11AM

RC CrossFit’s Annual Christmas Party: 7PM Until The Last Coach Goes Home!!!

Seriously… Be Safe and Have a Plan to Get Home Safe!!!



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