“New Olympic Lifting Cycle…”

Posted: January 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

This Saturday, We Will Begin A New Cycle For RCCF’s Olympic Lifting Class… Of Course, Everyone Who Has Attended Our Past Olympic Lifting Training Cycles Are Welcomed Back! And You Guys Have Been Doing Great! Recently, There Have Been A Lot Of Other Athletes Who Have Asked If They Can Start Attending The Oly Lifting Sessions… Which Is Great! But Let’s Be Honest… It’s Not For Everybody… You Need To Be Dedicated To Your Training! And As Our “OG” Olympic Lifters Know, If You Miss 3 Class In A Row, You’re Kicked Out! Coach Ivan Programs All Of Our Olympic Lifting Classes… Which Are Amazing! (They Aren’t For The Faint Of Heart!!!) So If You Are Interested In Attending, Simply Ask Him… It’s His Call!!! If You Get The “OK”, We Expect To See You Bright & Early Saturday Morning…

Olympic Lifting Session STARTS @ 8AM!!! Which Means Once The Clock Hits 8AM, You Have Already Rowed 500 Meters, Performed The JunkYard Dog Warm Up & Have On Your Knee Sleeves, Oly Shoes, Wrist Wraps, Tape, Etc Etc & Ready For Coach Ivan’s Instructions!!! DON’T PISS HIM OFF BECAUSE I’M IN THAT CLASS AS WELL & YOU DON’T WANT TO PISS ME OFF!!!

Hope To See Many New Faces!!!



Back Squat: 5x5x5 @ 70% of your 1 Rep…

MOBility: 6AM, 7AM, 8AM & 9AM


???? ?????

 If you’ve been “De-Coding” the past few days, then you know what’s coming… But trust me… It won’t be “Slow”…




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