“3 Competition WODs In Under An Hour…”

Posted: February 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yep… You just wrapped up a 5 Hour Competition Day into under 1 Hour!

You got to experience the “Pain” that our Competitors had to endure… But you had to do it back to back to back…


I know a lot of you have been asking us about Competing… So…

For those of you who completed Friday’s Rx’d or close to it… How did you do?!?!

If you go to wodrocket.com, then click on the “LeaderBoards” tab, then search “AL 1.31.15 Co-Ed Partner Comp”, you can get a Score Sheet of all the Teams that Competed that day…

And see how you would have Ranked against them!

Bare in mind… They had time to rest in after each WOD… A lot more time to rest than you guys did…

If you’re A Little Sketchy about signing up for the next Competition… Friday was a nice little test to see how you’d stack up against the other Teams…

But, if you’re serious about signing up for the next Competition… YOU BETTER STEP UP YOUR TRAINING AND BE FOCUSED IN & OUT OF RC CrossFit DAY IN & DAY OUT!!!


MOBility: 7AM & 11AM

Olympic Lifting: 8AM




“F.O.C.U.S.- Finding Opportunity to Concentrate Until you Succeed…”

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