“The 2015 InFamous Thruster Ladder…”

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AM Classes… Burpees Are In Your Future… PayBack For Monday When The Last Class Had To Do 90 Burpees…

From The Vault… Originally Posted 2.17.2012…

Yep… The Infamous Thruster Ladder visits us again… But first…

I found this on CrossFit One World and thought about everyone at our Box with knee problems… They’re kinda pricey, but from what I’ve researched, THEY ARE WORTH IT!!!



“I’ve had my Rehband knee sleeves for at least 3 years. I can’t lie, I originally bought them because all the good lifters that I knew wore them, and they all told me I should get them. So I bought a pair, and I wore them all the time when I did any weighted squatting movements. I don’t know how much they improved my lifting, but at least I looked cool….haha.

Knee sleeves serve a purpose. They support the knee by giving added stability and help keep the knee joint warm. In theory, you are less likely to sustain injury to your knee if you wear them. Some people with knee issues definitely need the help of knee sleeves. For instance, Chyna Cho had major issues with her left knee before she started CrossFit. She’d come off two knee surgeries and had only partial range of motion in her left knee. It took a lot of work in the gym before she was finally able to get the knee to full range of motion. Once we picked her up a set of knee sleeves, it helped immensely with her squatting movements. Chyna swears by her knee sleeves and won’t squat without them.

After the CrossFit Games season last year, I had an overused right knee. I wasn’t able to do any heavy squatting without the knee being extremely sore for at least a day or two. I was diagnosed with a Level I strain and a Level I sprain. I also had pain in the patellar region of my knee. I treated my knee by taking several months off from squatting and getting a few prolozone therepy treatments. The sprain and strain went away. After a few months of chilling on the knee, I was able to start squatting heavy again. I didn’t get the knee soreness anymore, but on occasion, I was still feeling a sharp pain in the patellar region during the initial movement of my first rep of any squatting exercise during any given set. It wasn’t messing me up to bad, but it was definitely not right.

I recalled that someone was once telling me about a pretty renowned weightlifter who never wore knee sleeves because they messed up up the way his knee cap moved in the patellar groove. Last week I decided to try squatting without knee sleeves. I don’t want to say it’s a miracle, but just like that, no more knee pain. I’ve done a bunch of overhead squatting and today I was doing front squats. No pain whatsoever. I’m pretty stoked. Is it all mental? Who knows. I let you know if I feel any pain in the future. All I know is my knee doesn’t hurt, and that’s a good thing.

Do you wear knee sleeves or are you thinking of getting a pair? Have you worn knee sleeves in the past, but you are no longer wearing them now? Post your thoughts to comments…”


MOBility: 6AM, 7AM, 8AM & 9AM…

Strength- Rest Day!


“The Infamous Thruster Ladder”

This is a 15 Round WOD… For this WOD, each Round of Thrusters must be performed “Unbroken”. What’s “Unbroken”? You can rest with the BarBell at your Shoulders for as long as you want or with the BarBell OverHead for as long as you want. However, if you drop the BarBell or if you bring it down to your hips, you must start that particular Round over from 1. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU START THE ENTIRE WOD OVER, JUST THE ROUND YOU WERE ON! You can rest as long as you want between Rounds, but the BarBell must touch the ground before you start your next Round.

Example: I’m sure all of us can string together 6 Thrusters. 6 Thrusters would be Rounds 1, 2 and 3. But you CANNOT just knock out 6 Thrusters straight. You must perform 1 Thruster, touch the ground, 2 Thrusters, touch the ground, 3 Thrusters, touch the ground, etc etc… Trust me, The “Touch & Go” method will only last so long!

1 Thruster (Rx’d: M-95lbs/F-65lbs)

2 Thrusters

3 Thrusters

4 Thrusters

5 Thrusters

6 Thrusters

7 Thrusters

8 Thrusters

9 Thrusters

10 Thrusters

11 Thrusters

12 Thrusters

13 Thrusters

14 Thrusters

15 Thrusters



WOD & Scores from The 2014 InFamous Thruster Ladder…

2.14.2014 Scores…


2.13.2013 Scores…



Not much to say… If you’ve been through it before, you know what pain lies before you…

If this is your first time… Just know that I love you…

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