“Help Wanted…”

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Over the past few weeks, Ivan and myself have had a lot of you come up to us saying that they wished they could have helped us on the move to The New Box but they didn’t know what day or time we were working on it… Well… This Saturday… AS SOON AS THE GRID WOD IS DONE… We’re going to need a lot of help! We will be removing a large portion of the rubber flooring and some platforms… And then installing them at The New Box! I would recommend to wear gloves and if you have a rubber mallet, please bring it!!! Again… We’re asking for “Indians” not “Chiefs”…

Week 4 Of The CrossFit Games Open!

Again… In Case You Missed It… WOD Starts @ The 29 Min 25 Sec Mark…


MOBility: 6AM, 7AM, 8AM & 9AM

Strength… Rest Day!!!


“15.4… Kinda…”

We Will NOT Be Performing HandStand Push Ups Because We Can’t Put Any Holes In The Wall & Only 3 Of You Actually Signed Up For The CrossFit Games Open & Have Already Performed The WOD…

Rx’d: M-185lbs/F-125lbs

Sx’d: We Will NOT Be Performing The Scaled Version Of This WOD That Was Put Up By CrossFit HQ… I Saw This Performed @ NorCal CrossFit & It Was Too Chaotic!!! The Sx’d Version For Us Will Simply Be Lowering The WeightLoad To Your Ability For The “Ground To Shoulders” & For The HandStand Push Ups, Some Of You Might Be Doing Our Normal MODification With Either Your Toes Or Knees On A Box Or Some Of You Might Be Doing Normal Push Ups Either On Your Toes Or Knees…

As Many Reps As Possible in 8 Mins:

3 Push Ups

3 “Ground To Shoulders”

6 Push Ups

3 “GTSs”

9 Push Ups

3 “GTSs”

12 Push Ups

6 “GTSs”

15 Push Ups

6 “GTSs”

18 Push Ups

6 “GTSs”

21 Push Ups

9 “GTSs”

24 Push Ups

9 “GTSs”

27 Push Ups

9 “GTSs”

Etc….Etc… Confused?!?!  ASK QUESTIONS!!!

Please Be Careful Dropping Your Barbell… Be Aware Of Your Surroundings!!!



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