“Be Careful What You Wish For…”

Posted: March 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today’s WOD is going to be a Lil’ Different For Everybody… Some of you are going to choose to go Heavy… Some of you are going to choose to Light… Some of you might get a PR!!! Some of you are going to be doing a lot of Bar Touching Burpees… Some of you are going to be doing a lot of Deadlifts…

It’s a 35 Min AMRAP…

Be Careful What You Wish For… You Might Just Get It!!!

Our own Ms. Nykki made a Birthday this past week…

Nykki Noel's photo.
About 2 weeks ago, she asked me to come up with a Birthday WOD for her… I said SWEET!!!

I don’t really like to stray away from our “normal” Programming at RCCF… Especially if it interferes with our Strength Programming…

Normally, we take a “Strength Rest Day” on Fridays, so I can kind of play around with the MetCons…

Well… Here Ya Go Nykki!!!


Saturday’s Schedule…

MOBility: 7AM & 11AM

Olympic Lifting: 8AM


Moving Party: 11AM

MOBility: 3:30PM, 4:30PM & 5:30PM

Strength… Rest Day!!!


Warm Up Is Going To Be Simple: Come In Early If You Want To Roll Out/Mobilize… I’ll Go Over The MetCon… Grab A Barbell… Set Up Bands For Pull Ups If You Need Them… 500 Meter Row… JunkYard Dog… Arm Circles Forward & Backwards… Hug Yourself Of Bunch Of Times Because You Deserve It… Jump Rope Complex… Burgener Warm Up… And That’s It Ladies & Gents…

As Many Rounds As Possible in 35 Mins:

1 “Ground To Shoulder” + “Shoulder To OverHead” (Add Weight If Possible Every Round… BUT… YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ADD WEIGHT!!! BE SMART!!!)

9 Pull Ups (Rx’d: M&F… Everytime You Come Off The Bar There Is A 3 Bar Touching Burpee Penalty…)

80 Double Unders (Rx’d: M&F… MOD: 80 Singles… Both With A 5 Deadlift Penalty…)

Your Score Will Be Total Rounds & Reps PLUS Your Heaviest “Ground To Shoulder” + “Shoulder To OverHead”




Over the past few weeks, Ivan and myself have had a lot of you come up to us saying that they wished they could have helped us on the move to The New Box but they didn’t know what day or time we were working on it…

Well… This Saturday… AS SOON AS THE GRID WOD IS DONE… We’re going to need a lot of help!

We will be removing a large portion of the rubber flooring and some platforms…

And then installing them at The New Box!

I would recommend to wear gloves and if you have a rubber mallet, please bring it!!!

We also need people to sweep & mop… So please bring brooms & mops if you have them!!!

Again… We’re asking for “Indians” not “Chiefs”…

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