“1 WOD Of 3 Done…”

Posted: March 31, 2015 in Uncategorized


How Was It?!?!

Again… This Is A Competition WOD…

Not To Make Fun… But I’m Pretty Sure That 2 RC CrossFit Ladies Started The Whole “Time Cap” Thing For The CAL Comps… LOL… If You Know… You Know…

I’m Sure Their Were Mixed Feelings All Around… Some Of You Who Thought You Were Nowhere Near Being Ready To Compete KILLED The WOD!!! Some Of You Thought You Were Ready To Compete Got Your Ego Checked… Which Is Fine…

Competitions Expose Your Weaknesses & Show You What You Have To Work On…

The Real Question Is… Will You Take The Time To Actually Work On Your Weaknesses Or Just Focus On What Your Good At???

“Train To Not Suck At Life”

We’ve Been Training This Movement For The Past 5 Weeks…

Lets See What You Got!!!



Establish a 1 Rep Max Front Squat!

MetCon… Rest Day!




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