“Ready To Compete???”

Posted: April 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

Well… Are You???

This Week… We Performed 3 Of The Upcoming C.A.L. WODs… 1 On Monday… 1 On Wednesday… An 1 On Friday…

Our Competitors Have To Complete All 3 In One Day!!!

RC CrossFit Is A Strength & Conditioning Gym…

Our Programming Is Designed To Fit Everyone’s Needs…

If You’re Trying To Just Get Fit… Healthy… Sweet!!! We’re Here For You…

But Then You Get “Bitten By The Bug…”

You Want To Push A Little Harder… You Want To Show Everyone All The Hard Work You Put In Day In & Day Out Everyday At The Box…

So… Are You Ready To Compete???


MOBility: 7AM ONLY!!!

Olympic Lifting: 8AM


And I’m Very Impressed With Everyone’s Performances On Their Front Squats & Deadlifts…

Proud Coach…



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