“As Happy As Anyone Could Be…”

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On Saturday, October 12, 2013, at 05:04 PM, officers from the Perris Police Department responded to a report of a vehicle collision involving a motorcycle and passenger car at Rider Rd. and Evans Rd. in the city of Perris.  A 22-year-old Hispanic male resident of Perris, CA was located on the roadway with major injuries and still straddling his Yamaha motorcycle. Cal Fire and American Medical Response responded to the scene. The rider was transported to a local hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries.  The driver of the passenger car, Giovanni Macias of Perris, was not injured and remained at the scene where he was contacted by investigating officers.

Time of accident was 17:00 (5:00PM). He was transported to Riverside County Regional Medical Center. Time of death, 17:45 (5:45PM)…

I Received This, Randomly, From Adrian De La Cruz’s Father This Past Thursday…

“Hi Mando, I am Adrian’s Dad… At the time this happened, I was so heart broken that I could not have the courage to comment and Thank You for such a wonderful thought… You made us proud of Adrian… We are still hurting, but know, Adrian was, on his way to realizing his dreams… And it was an honor to hear how you considered him as part of you family… This coming Saturday, Adrian would have turned 24 years old…Yes, we still miss him… But know that where he is now, he is as happy as anyone could be…”

Sergio De La Cruz


Active Rest Day… Get Out & Do Something!!!



Mr. Sergio De La Cruz also sent me this quote…

“When The Heart Weeps For What It Has Lost… The Soul Laughs For What It Has Found…”

Sufi Aphoism

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