“80% Week…”

Posted: May 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

But First…

Thank You Ari & You Momma & Dad For Having RCCF Over For Such A Wonderful Party!!!

Mando Macias's photo.

If You Don’t Know It, I Know It… I Could See How Proud All Of Your Family & Friends Are Of You…

Congrats Dr. Ari!!!

This Week… It’s Getting Heavy!!!

OverHead Squats & Deadlifts Go Up To 80%…

We Will Be Performing 9 Reps… No More Than 3 Reps @ A Time… But… You Do Not Have To Perform 3 Reps!!! Singles & Doubles Are Fine…

And… We Will Be Performing A Nice “Little” Complex That Should Almost Kill You…

The Following Week… Re-Test On OverHead Squats, Deadlifts & Some Kind Of “Shoulder To OverHead”…During Those Days There Will Be No MetCons Programmed…


Active Rest Day… Get Out & Do Something!!!



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