“Last Week…”

Posted: July 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

First Off…Thank You So Much To Everyone Who Came Out To Hang Out With Danielley & I To Celebrate My Birthday & For Everyone Who Couldn’t Make It, Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes Via Phone Call, Texts, FaceBook, etc… Truly Blessed To Have Such An Amazing Family & Amazing Friends Who Have Become Family To Me!!! Love All You Guys… Alright… Dry Your Eyes… Time To Get Back To Work!!!

Yep… This Is The Last Week Of Our “Strength Endurance” Cycle…

After This Week… We’re Going To Have A Strength “Rest Week”…

You All Know What That Means!!!

I Already Have All The Strength “Rest Week” All Planned Out…

WODs So Easy… A 16 Or 17 Year Old Boy Or Girl Could Do Them!!!



Every Min On the Min X 12 Mins: 3 Push Presses

Start @ A Moderate Weight… Add Weight Every 2 Mins If Possible… Score Is Heaviest Successful 3 Rep Max


400 Meter Run


6 Rounds:

5 Thrusters (Rx’d: M-75lbs/F-55lbs…)

15 Double Unders (Rx’d: M&F… MOD: 15 Mt. Climbers…)


400 Meter Run



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