“We’re All Invited!!!”

Posted: August 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Sophia & Ryan Would Like To Invite Everyone From RC CrossFit To Come Out & Celebrate With Them This Saturday For Their Engagement Party!!!

Mando Macias's photo.

A Lil’ Something From Sophia…

“For So Long I Was Wanting To Do CrossFit… But I Was Scared & Intimidated… Dating Ryan Sparked My Interest Even More… One Day, I Said Let’s Do This, Find Me A Box! Every Time He Would Come Down To Visit, I Had Him Drop In On Local Boxes To Get A Feel & See What He Thought Which One Would Be A Good Box To Join Because Obviously It Would Become His Box One Day… I Remember The 1st Time I Dropped Him Off At The Old RCCF Box… That Very Day Was The Day He Picked My Box & Place To Begin My CrossFit Journey… And Now The Place I Call Home… The 1st Visit, He Knew It, And Told Me This Is Where I’ll Go… Great Set Up… The People Are Nice… And Most Importantly, He Said The Coaches Knew Their Stuff… I Literally Only Took Him 1 Visit To RC CrossFit… He Never Did Another Drop In To Another Box While Visiting… He’s The Reason I Call RC CrossFit My Home… And Tah Dah, Here I Am!!!”

Congrats You Two!!!

 For Those Of You Who Don’t Know Ryan, He Trains Up @ CrossFit 209 Sport… He’s A Beast & One Hell Of A Nice Guy!!!
Mando Macias's photo.



200 Meter Run…


For a Total of 3 Rounds:

7 Hang Power Cleans (Rx’d: M-135lbs/F-95lbs…)

21 Barbell Push Ups


200 Meter Run… TIME!!!


Using 60% Of Your 1 Rep Max Clean…

(If You Don’t Have A 1 Rep Max Clean… Use Your 1 Rep Max Power Clean…)

On A 14 Min Running Clock…

On The Even Mins…

Perform 3 Front Squats…

On The Odd Mins…

Perform 3 Power Cleans…



8.24.2015 WOD & Scores… Also Up On FaceBook…

Mando Macias's photo.
Mando Macias's photo.
Mando Macias's photo.

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