“4 Years Strong…”

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This Past Tuesday Marked RC CrossFit’s 4 Year Anniversary!!!

Trust Me… You’ll Get Another Post About On Monday…

Just Very Quick… I Cannot Begin To Express How Proud I Am To Be A Coach @ RC CrossFit… I Cannot Begin To Express How Proud I Am To Be YOUR Coach… All Of You… Yes… I’m The Quiet One… Yes… Sometimes You Piss Me Off… But Nothing Feels Better Than Going Home @ Night Knowing That, I Someway, I’ve Helped Move A Little Bit Closer To Your Goals… I Know Everyone Thinks I’m An AssHole, But I Do Love All (Most…Just Kidding…) You Guys…

For Now… Here Ya Go…

First Post From RC CrossFit…

Re-Post From September 1st, 2011…

“The Beginning Of A New Era Part 2…”

Those Flags… The Amercian Flag was given to me as a “Thank You” while I was in Iraq… The California Flag, which is not pictured, was a simple gift from my Mother just because she knows I’m proud of where I come from… The POW/MIA Flag, that was a gift from Lena. Everytime I start to think that one more Burpee is impossible, I look up at that Flag and think, “they’re are worst things in life…” The Navy Flag was a gift from Art. Thank you Sir for your time spent serving your country and now for your time spent keeping our streets safe… The Air Force Flag, which is also not pictured, was a gift from Adrian. Thank you Sir for your service to our country. And the Marine Corps Flag…

That Flag represents something to me that none of you will ever know. I remember the exact moment when I knew in my head, “I’m a Marine.” It was during “The Crucible”. A non-stop 3 and a half day training evolution. Towards the very end, I had Marines to the left and right of me falling, stumbling, crying, etc. And I remember wearing 3 Packs. My own on my back, one worn backwards so it was on my stomach and one hanging off of my right shoulder. And I remember carrying 6 M-16 Rifles. Mine, and 5 other rifles who belonged to Marines who couldn’t keep up.

I remember grabbing all of that gear, and just passing people up. I mean, I was on a mission to finish first, even with all the extra weight. I remember my Drill Instructor actually being positive… He was yelling in my ear, “Atta boy Macias! Keep those dag gone boots movin’ up that hill and show these p#$$ies what a real Marine looks like.” 

My first reaction was, “Oh Shit! I’m actually getting recognized for something good!” I looked behind me and my next immediate reaction was…. “Oh Shit, my brothers are falling behind!” Now, let me clear this up, this was a controlled and safe training evolution. But for me, at that time, this was War. And a Marine never leaves a brother behind. So, I remember being yelled at by some A-Hole Drill Instructor to keep moving, faster faster faster. I stopped, and went back to help my fellow Marines. As I turned back, some guy from the other Platoon (our competition), went sprinting up the Hill with just his own gear, and yea, he beat me.

I went back and made sure that I had all of my Marines and that all of us made it to the finish safe.

Then came these words from the A-Hole Drill Instructor…

“Macias! Get your F’n Ass over here now!” He asked me very politely (sarcasm), “What the F—K were you thinkin’ lettin’ that “bleep” beat you. I explained that I didn’t care about coming in first, I cared about bringing my Marines back home, alive. For the first time in 3 months, my Drill Instructor, Sgt. Ramos stuck out his hand, shook my hand, and said, “If I ever have to go to War again, I pray that I go with you… You are a United States Marine, OOH-RAH!”

Well, I’m on another chapter of my life. I know its not as ‘crazy’ as the Marine Corps, but have no doubt, I still have the same heartfelt passion for what I do for you. While in the Marine Corps, my main objective was to keep my guys safe. At RainCross Fitness, my main objective is to keep you guys safe.

I can say this freely now, everyone who is joining RainCross Fitness, I know that we have a special bond. It’s more than just “trainer and trainee”, its simply just “friend and friend”, and how beautiful is that.

Okay, blah blah blah blah blah blah, wipe your tears and let’s get to work!



MOBility: 3:30PM, 4:30PM & 5:30PM

Strength… Rest Day!


The “First Day” Date Will Have Nothing To Due The Rep Scheme…

I’m Saving That For Our 5 Year Anniversary…

10 Movements Will Be Done Inside The Box And… Just Keep The Parking Lot Clear…



‘If I ever have to go to War again… I pray I go with you…”

United States Marine Corps Sgt. Ramos

9.3.2015 WOD & Scores…

Mando Macias's photo.
Mando Macias's photo.
Mando Macias's photo.

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