“RCCF Mom Needs Our Help…”

Posted: September 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

From Mom…

“OK… I’m Doing A Last Ditch Effort To Raise Some More Money For My Avon Walk For Breast Caner Next Week In Santa Barbara… I’m Walking 39 Miles… This Is My 12th Year Doing This Walk In Honor Of My Sister Veronica…  I Have Luscious Lemon, Chocolate & Chocolate Chip Cake For “Sale”… I’m Asking For A 5 Dollar Donation If Interested… No They’re Not “Paleo”… But They Are Tastey!!! Please Let Me Or Mando If You Are Interested… Baking Starts Tomorrow Morning… Even If You Don’t Want The Treats… Any Donation Is Welcome & Appreciated!!!”

Joanie Padilla Sanchez's photo.
This Saturday & Sunday, My Mom, Our RCCF Mom Will Be Walking For The 12th Time The Avon Breast Cancer Walk In Santa Barbara… She Has Been Supporting This Fundraiser Since 2004 When My Auntie Veronica Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer… My Mom Has Raised Over $55,000 For This Organization!!! And This Has Enabled My Aunt & Myself To Walk With Her A Couple Of Times… This Walk Is 39 Miles Long… You Walk 26 Miles On Saturday & Then Finish Up With A 13 Mile Walk On Sunday… My Mom Is Making My Great Grandma Delia’s Mini Lemon Bun Cakes, Chocolate Bun Cakes & Chocolate Chip Bun Cakes… And If You’re Interested, She Asking For A 5 Dollar Donation… They’re Not Paleo… But Even If You Want To Make Any Kind Of Donation… SIC!!! It’s For An Amazing Cause… The Amazing News Is My Auntie Just Received The News That She No Longer Has To Be On Her Meds & She No Longer Has To Make Those Long Trips To The Oncologist… My Mom, She Walks For Herself Too… 3 Years Ago She Was Diagnosed With B-Cell Lymphoma Which Is Gland Cancer… 6 Weeks Of Radiation & Then Another Lump Showed Up That Turned Out To Be A False Alarm…  Mom’s All Good!!! If You Can, Please Help & Support My Mom As She Attacks This 39 Mile Journey… And… Enjoy Some Delici0us Cakes!!! She Said She Can Deliver Them To The Box Whenever You Want!!!



You Will Have 15 Mins To Establish Your Heaviest 3 Rep Max Hang Power Clean


“Up Ladder”

As Many Reps As Possible In 10 Mins:

1 KettleBell Sumo Deadlift High Pull (Rx’d: M-53lbs/F-35lbs…)

1 KettleBell Swing

1 Push Up



2 Push Ups

3/3/3, 4/4/4, 5/5/5, 6/6/6, 7/7/7, 8/8/8, 9/9/9, 10/10/10… Etc Etc…



9.7.2015 WOD & Scores… Also Up On FaceBook…
Danielle Macias's photo.

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