“Keep Count…”

Posted: September 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Don’t Lie…

Some Of You Can’t Count To 5 When You’re WOD Drunk…

“Was That Round 3??? Round 4??? Am I Done???”

Today… We Will Be Performing A 10 Round MetCon…

Please Grab A Piece A Chalk & Mark Done Your Rounds…

I Know Some Of You Are Probably Thinking In Your Head…

“Why Is Mando Such A Dick??? Why Does He Think We’re So Stupid???”

Don’t Lie… You Know You’ve Lost Count Of Your Reps/Rounds Plenty Of Times Before…

That Moment When We Ask You For Your Score… And Then Comes That Really Long Hesitant Pause With A Lost Look On Your Face…

Am I Right??? Or Am I Right?!?!?



You Will Have 15 Mins To Establish Your Heaviest 3 Rep Max Hang Power Snatch


For a Total of 10 Rounds:

10 Double Unders (Rx’d: M&F… MOD: 10 Singles… You’re Welcome…)

8 Wall Ball Shots (Rx’d: M-20lbs To 10Ft./F-14lbs To 8Ft.)

6 OverHead Lunges With MedBall (These Can Be Walking Lunges Or In Place Lunges…)

4 Push Ups On Your Med Ball

2 MedBall Slams



9.9.2015 WOD & Scores Will Be Up On The Blog Tomorrow… They’ll Be Up On FaceBook In About An Hour…


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