“Coach Ivan Had A Dream…”

Posted: October 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

I Know Friday’s WOD Is Up SUPER Early…

Read It… Watch The Videos… Come In Prepared!!!

Day 5 Of Hook Grips & HandStand Push Ups…


MOBility: 3:30PM, 4:30PM & 5:30PM… (4:30PM & 5:30PM Will Be Held By The Plyo Boxes…)

Strength… Rest Day!!!


I’ve Said This Before…

I Hear Everything!!!

Two Thursdays… I Got To The Box To Coach The 9:30AM, 11AM & 12:15PM Sessions… The 8:10AM Session Just Got Done & Were Just Hanging Out Chit Chattin’… Everyone Was Asking, Taking Guesses About Friday’s WOD… I Overheard Coach Ivan Saying He Had A Dream That It Was Going To Start & End With A 400 Meter Run & Then 21 Reps Of All The Movements We Did For The Past Week…


(Use The Same Weight/Movement That You Used During This Past “Hell Week”…)

400 Meter Run

21 Reps:


Box Jumps


HandStand Push Ups

KettleBell Swings… BOOM!!!

Bar Touching Burpees

Wall Ball Shots

Knees To Elbows


Pull Ups

400 Meter Run

“But Coach… Why The Hook Grip Penalty??? There’s No Snatches Or Cleans!!!”

Well… Yes There Is… You Have To Power Clean Or Clean Your 1st Thruster… Mind Blown!!!

And There You Go…




10.8.2015 WOD & Scores Will Be Up Tonight… Also Up On FaceBook…


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