“The Artist & The Olympian…”

Posted: November 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Quick Congrats To All Of Our RCCF Competitors!!! More To Come On The Competition On Monday Night’s Post…

If You’re Passionate About ANYTHING…

This Is One Of The Most Passionate Videos I’ve Ever Seen…

Passion Means That At Some Point… You’re Going To Get Frustrated & Want To Quit… Give Up… Get Pissed Off…

Get Pissed!!!

But The Real Test Is…

Do You Give Up??? Do You Quit???

Or Do You Keep On Fighting Until You Achieve Whatever It Is Your Goal Is???

In CrossFit… In Life…



You Only Get 1 Shot @ Your Lift… You Miss It… Then You Go Back On The Rower To The Next “Round”… You Will Have 2 Scores… Your Finish Time & Total Successful Lifts…

Good Luck!!!

900 Meter Row

1 Snatch @ 80% of your 1 Rep Max

800 Meter Row

1 Snatch

700 Meter Row

1 Snatch

600 Meter Row

1 Snatch

500 Meter Row

1 Snatch

400 Meter Row

1 Snatch

300 Meter Row

1 Snatch

200 Meter Row

1 Snatch

200 Meter Row

1 Snatch… Time!!!



“Treat Every Lift As If It Were Only Lift Of The Day…”

Coach Ivan



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