“RCCF Christmas Party!!!”

Posted: December 13, 2015 in Uncategorized



RC CrossFit Will Be Hosting It’s Annual RCCF Christmas Party!!!

It Will Start About 7:30PM/8PM & Go On Until… Whenever…

Where Gonna Go PotLuck Style…

You Can Bring Whatever Food Or Drink You Want…

This Is Just For RC CrossFit Athletes & Their Spouses/Dates…

For Our RCCF Family… You Know Who You Are… And You Know You’re Welcome!!!


Absolutely NO GYM CLOTHES!!!

Saturday Night Is Going To Be A Night To Get All Dolled Up, Sexy & Handsome & Have Some Fun With Your “Other” Family…

Your RC CrossFit Family!!!


The White Elephant Gifts!!!

20 Dollar Limit… Unless You’re Ballin’ Like That…

Make It A Good One… Make It A Funny One… Make It A Useful One… Make It Whatever You Want!!!

Just Have Fun With It!!!

If Anyone Needs A Ride Home… I Designate Lil’ Sis As The D.D.

She Only Takes Cash… =-)

Get Ready… It’s Gonna Be A Fun & Crazy Night!!!

For Those Who Know… Know…



You Will Have 12 Mins To Practice Your OverHead Squats…

Go A Little Heavier Than What You Did Last Week…


5 Hang Power Snatches (Rx’d: M-95lbs/F-65lbs…)

5 Burpees Deadlifts (Rx’d: On Toes/Chest To Barbell…)

10 Chest To Bar Pull Ups (Rx’d: M&F…)

15 Jumping Air Squats

4 Hang Power Snatches 

4 Burpees Deadlifts

8 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

12 Jumping Air Squats

3 Hang Power Snatches 

3 Burpees Deadlifts

6 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

9 Jumping Air Squats

2 Hang Power Snatches 

2 Burpees Deadlifts

4 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

6 Jumping Air Squats

1 Hang Power Snatch

1 Burpee Deadlifts

2 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

3 Jumping Air Squats…. TIME!!!



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