“Monday’s Coming For You…”

Posted: January 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

Re-Post From Last Year @ This Time…

Still Feel The Same Way…

“The past few weeks have been a little bit of a challenge for me as far as Programming goes… It’s the Holiday Season… And I get it… You have kids, shopping, work parties, , family parties, parties with friends… You can’t always make it to The Box… For most people, your Training SUCKS during the Holiday Season! Unless you’re one of those few committed Athletes who says “F–K Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve” and stay CONSISTENT with your Training…  So yes, I had to tweak our original Programming a little bit. But I hope everyone had fun through all of our “Holiday” WODs and our “Strength Rest Day” WODs, because there was no “Rest” about those WODs…”

Enjoy Your Sunday… Because Monday’s Coming For You!!!


Active Eat Day… Get In What You Can… 40 Days Of Paleo Is Coming!!!

More Info On That To Come…



1.2.2016 WOD & Scores…

Mando Macias's photo.
Mando Macias's photo.

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