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Mando Macias's photo.

Roger (Roger) Has Been Training @ RC CrossFit For Months Now…

Just Like Anybody Who Come In New To CrossFit… We Had A Lot Of Work To Do With Him…

But He Is A Very Consistent Athlete… And Slowly But Surely… He Picked Up On All The Movements & Terminology & Is A Great Athlete!!!

Raj Also Owns & Is A Chef @…

Mando Macias's photo.
Mando Macias's photo.

If You Haven’t Been Here… You Need To Go!!!

I Have Never Tried Indian Food Before… I Just Never Had The Desire & I Thought I Would Just End Up Sitting On The Shitter All Night…

Not The Case… Raj Explained To Me Exactly How To Go About Your First Time Trying Indian Food & It Was Delicious!!!

His Staff Was Super Friendly & Catered To All Our Needs… Even Got A Free Dessert!!!

His Place Is SUPER Clean… Ambiance Is Nice & Relaxing…

And They Got Beer & Wine!!!

Overall… Amazing Restaurant & It Looks Like It’s Gonna Be Mine & Danielley’s New Date Spot…

Mando Macias's photo.

Let’s See How Much Spice/Heat We Can Take!!!

Thanks Raj!!!


“Medium Weight Week…”


You Wil Have 15 Mins To Perform 15 Single & Controlled Deadlifts @ 70% Of You 1 Rep Max


Buy In: 25 Wall Ball Shots (Rx’d: M-20lbs To 10Ft./F-14lbs To 8Ft.)


5 Deadlifts (Rx’d: M-225lbs/155lbs…)

10 Pull Ups (ADV: Chest To Bar/Rx’d: Chin To Bar/Sx’d: Jumping Chest To Bar…)

4 Deadlifts

8 Pull Ups

3 Deadlifts

6 Pull Ups

2 Deadlifts

4 Pull Ups

1 Deadlift

2 Pull Ups


Cash Out: 25 Wall Ball Shots… TIME!!!



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