“What’s Your Name???”

Posted: April 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

My Name Is Armando Vicente Macias…

I Will Have To Perform… 10 Reps Of Each:

AbMat Sit Ups

Ring Dips

MedBall Slams

AbMat Sit Ups

kNees To Elbows


OverHead DB Walking Lunges


Inverted Ring Rows



kNees To Elbows

Toes To Bar


MedBall Slams

Ab Mat Sit Ups


Inverted Ring Rows

AbMat Sit Ups


Shoulder To OverHeads….

Us Your Full First Name… Your  Full Middle Name… And Your Full Last Name…

Let’s Have Fun Today!!!


Strength… Rest Day!!!


For Time… 10 Reps Each Station…

Spell Out Your Name!!!

A- Ab Mat Sit Ups

B- Box Jumps (Rx’d: M-24″/F-20″…)

C- Cleans (Rx’d: M-135lbs/F-95lbs…)

D- DeadLifts (Rx’d: M-135lbs/F-95lbs…)

E- burpEEs

F- Front Squats (Rx’d: M-135lbs/F-95lbs…)

G- GHD Sit Ups

H- Hollow Rocks

I- Inverted Ring Rows

J- Jumping Jacks

K- KBS (Rx’d: M-53lbs/F-35lbs…)

L- Lunges

M- Med Ball Slams (Rx’d: M-20lbs/F-14lbs…)

N- kNees To Elbows (Rx’d: M&F… MOD: Knee Raises…)

O- OverHead DB Walking Lunges (Pick Your Poison…)

P- Push Press (Rx’d: M-135lbs/F-95lbs…)

Q- Quick Run (100 Meter Run…)

R- Ring Dips

S- “Shoulder To OverHeads” (Rx’d: M-135lbs/F-95lbs…)

T- Toes To Bar (Rx’d: M&F… MOD: Toes To Beam…)

U- double Unders

V- V-Ups

W- Wall Ball Shots (Rx’d: M-20lbs To 10Ft./F-14lbs To 8 Ft.)

X- ???

Y- Yoke Walks (Weight To Be Determined…)

Z- Zoom Run (What’s A Zoom Run???)

Have Fun…



Mando Macias's photo.
4.14.2016 WOD & Scores…
Mando Macias's photo.
Mando Macias's photo.
Mando Macias's photo.

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