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From PBS.org…

Did You Know???

“Three-year-olds are learning their letters, but may also refer to numbers as “letters.” They notice print in the environment, and may ask what it means. They also realize that print in books tells a reader what to say. During the year, scribbles begin to appear more like letters, and children may string several of these “letters” together to form mock words. They become aware of the uses for writing, and may dictate words for adults to write down…”

And It’s Right About Now 3 Things Are About To Happen…

First: You’re Going To Think… “Thanks Coach For This Post!!!”

Because You Come In Prepared Everyday…

Or: You’re Going To Think… “Is He Talking About Me???”

If That’s What You’re Thinking… Well???

And Last: You’re Probably Reading This & Thinking Or Speaking Out Loud That/Saying “Coach Mando Is A Fucking Dick!!!”

So Be It…

I’m Really Not… I Promise…

But It Does Get Annoying When We Constantly Remind You To Write Down Or Somehow Record Your Numbers For Each & Every Movement…

It’s For Your Own Good… It’s For Your Your Own Improvement…

And… Here’s The Golden Question…

“What Should I Use???”


And… The Reason For This Rant… Your Response Is…

“I Don’t Remember…”

If You Don’t Know… We’re Going To Give You A Number To Work With…

But We Can’t Remember Everyone’s Number That You Used Last Week… Or The Week Before… Or Etc Etc…

So We Might Give You A Number That Is Way Lighter Than You Are Capable Of Lifting…

Which Equals… NO PROGRESS!!!

Buy A NoteBook… Take A Picture… Or Hey… You Know That BIG ASS BOARD That Says “1 REP MAX”???


Rant Done… TIME!!!

Again Guys… I’m Not Being An AssHole… It’s For YOUR Own Success!!!


Active Rest Day… Get Out & Do Something… Or… Recover From Melissa’s Birthday Party!!! But Sometime Before You Come In On Monday… Figure Out Your Numbers!!! It Will Be 70% Of Your 1 Rep Max Back Squat…




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