“This Saturday Night…”

Posted: December 13, 2016 in Uncategorized


Date Is Set… Saturday, December 17th Is RC CrossFit’s Annual Christmas Party!!!

Two Things That Are Set In Stone…

1… It Will Not Be Held At RC CrossFit…

2… DRESS UP!!! Get Out Of Those Stinky Gym Clothes & Get All Sexified!!!

Food… Wine & Beer Will Be Provided By RC CrossFit… If You Wanna Sneak In Your Own Stuff… Go For It!!!

But It Will Be Held At Raj’s Restaurant…

Image result for gandhi indian cuisine

Also… As Usual… That Night We Will Hold A White Elephant… Excuse Me…

A Black Elephant Gift Exchange In Celebration That Coach Ivan Found Out He Has Some African American In Him!!!

Bring Whatever… Anything You Want…

$20.00-$30.oo Range Limit…

Put A Little Star Next To Your Name On The WhiteBoard If You Plan On Bringing Something…


I’ll Keep Re-Posting This Through Out The Month…

Hope To Get A Huge Turn Out With All Of Our RC CrossFit Athletes & Family Members Coming Out Looking All Fancy!!!


The City Decided To Power Wash Off The 200 Meter Mark… So Pay Attention… I’ll Try To Get It Back Up ASAP!!!


As Soon As You Come In… Perform A 500 Meter Row & The JunkYard Dog Warm Up… Don’t Know What It Is??? Ask!!!

You Will Have 5 Mins To Establish Your Heaviest 1 Rep Max Snatch… (Power/Full OR Both!!!)

Rest 1 Min… (Change Out Your Shoes If You Need To… Hurry!!!)

For Time:

1,000 Meter Run (To The 800 Meter Mark… Back Up To The Tree… Back Down To The 200 Meter Mark… Back Up Inside The Box…)

20 Chest To Bar Pull Ups (ADV: M&F… Rx’d: M&F: Chin To Bar Pull Ups…  MOD: Coaches Choice…)

30 American KettleBell Swings (ADV: M-72lbs/F-53lbs… Rx’d: M-53lbs/F-35lbs…)

20 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

1, 000 Meter Run… TIME!!!



Image result for running quotes

12.12.2016 WOD & Scores…

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