“Remember To Sign Up…”

Posted: January 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Please Remember To Sign Up Before 10PM Friday Night For The Olympic Lifting Class & Before 9AM On Saturday For The GRID WOD…

Coach Ivan Already Knows & Has His Usual Olympic Lifters… Their Programming Is Already Set Up… Sometimes They Can’t Make It Due To Work… But Usually… It’s The Same Faces Every Saturday Morning…

The GRID WOD… It’s Hit Or Miss… We Ask That You Sign Up Before 9AM So We Can Give You Ladies & Gents An Effective WOD… Not Just Some Random Bull S–T… I Can Tell You That I Have At Least 4 WODs Programmed For Every Saturday Depending On Who’s Coming In & How Many People Are Coming In… Could Be A Partner WOD… A 3 Person Team WOD… A GRID WOD… A Co-Ed WOD… Etc Etc… It All Depends On How Many Show Up & Who Shows Up…

Signing Up Early Gives Us A Chance To See Who To Team Up With Who…

I Want The Team… No Matter How Small Or Big It Is… Whether It’s 2…3…4…5…6… Whatever… I Want The Team To Have Their Strengths & Weakness But In A Way That The Team Can Both Benefit From It In A Realistic Way…

If It Were A 2 Person WOD… I’m Not Going To Put Coach Ivan With A Person Who’s Never Heard Of CrossFit & Just Signed Up Yesterday… Usually Coach Ivan And Danielley Partner Up… Which Is A Great Example Of A Realistic Team… They’re Both Amazing Athletes… They Know Which Movements Who Is Better At & They Know When & How To Transition To Make Them Move FAST As A Team!!! Not Just Standing There With Their Hands On Their Hips Or Checking FaceBook… They’re MOVING!!!

And That’s What We Want To Give To All Of You…

Again… Signing Up Early Gives Us A Chance To See Who To Team Up With Who For Your Benefit…

Thanks Ahead Of Time… No Pun Intended…


8AM: Olympic Lifting




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1.27.2017 WOD & Scores…

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