“2002 USMC PFT…”

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Today Doesn’t Have Any Significance…

Just Thought It Would Be A Fun To End Off “PR” Week…

August 26th, 2002…

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I Joined The Marine Corps In 2001… Left For Boot Camp In August 2002 After I Graduated High School…

Back Then… This Was Our Physical Fitness Test Which Stayed The Same Up Until 2008…

Well… Let’s See How You Guys Do!!!


Strength… Rest Day!!! 


For Time/Reps:

Max Sit Ups In 2 Mins

Rx’d: M&F- 100 Reps Would Be A Perfect Score… Minimum: M-50 Reps To Pass/F-40 Reps To Pass…

Your Arms Will Be Crossed Your Chest (Give Yourself A Hug…) And Must Make Contact With Your Your Quads… Your Feet Will Be Held Down By Either DumbBells Or Bumper Plates… If You Can Perform More Than 100… Keep On Going!!!

Max Pull Ups

Rx’d: M-20 Strict Pull Ups Would Be A Perfect Score…/F-70 Second Flex Armed Hanging Hold Would Be A Perfect Score… Minimum… M-3 Pull Ups To Pass/F-15 Seconds To Pass

Males… STRICT Pull Ups… You Gotta Get At 3 To Pass… Any Grip You Want… But No Kipping… If You Can Perform More Than 20… Keep On Going!!! Females… You Can Use The J-Hooks To Jump Yourself To Get Your Chin Over The Bar… You Can Use Any Grip You Want… You Can Place Your Chin On The Bar For Support… Once Your Arms Start To Bend You’re Still OK… But Once You Hit Full Lock Out Your Time Is Done… MODification Will Be On The Rings Starting With Your Chest Touching The Rings (Think Ring Rows…) Once Your Arms Start To Bend You’re Still OK… But Once You Hit Full Lock Out Your Time Is Done…

3 Mile Run

Rx’d: M-Sub 18 Mins Would Be A Perfect Score…/F- Sub 21 Mins Would Be A Perfect Score… Minimum… M- Sub 28 Mins To Pass/F- Sub 31 Mins To Pass…

Just Run…

You Will Have 3 Scores… Max Sit Ups… Max Pull Ups Or Max Seconds On The Hang… And Your Run Time… 1st Part Will Take 2 Mins… 2nd Part Will Be However Long You Can Last… 3rd Part Will Be However Fast You Can Run… We  Will Start Every Part Of This WOD As A Class… 




No Bull Shit… This Guy Wasn’t In My Platoon…. But He Was In My Company During Boot Camp…  EVIL ECHO!!!

New Marine shatters Depot pull-up record

By Cpl. Ethan E. Rocke | | November 22, 2002 

 A Marine who graduates from recruit training today did 76 pull-ups Nov. 15 during his final physical fitness test, shattering the Depot’s old record of 65, set in 1999.  

Lance Cpl. Seth F. Redford, platoon guide, Platoon 2117, and company honorman, Company E, is 30 years old and holds two bachelor’s degrees from Brigham Young University in Utah, one in political science and one in law.  

Redford, who said he has always enjoyed keeping himself physically fit, did 60 pull-ups during his initial strength test. He said he was able to break the record with his will power and a lot of motivation from his drill instructors. 

“I could not have done this without my drill instructors, especially my senior drill instructor,” Redford said. “It was theirs’ and God’s help that enabled me to do this.” 

Redford’s drill instructors were very persistent about improving their recruits’ physical fitness. 

“Every time a recruit went to the head he was encouraged (by the drill instructors) to do a maximum set of pull-ups going in and a maximum set coming out,” said Redford.  Becauses of this training  Platoon 2117 claimed the record for average Physical Fitness Test Score. 

While Redford spoke highly of his drill instructors, they had some good things to say about him as well. 

“When I first saw him during the IST, I said to myself ‘he’s going to be the company honorman,'” said Staff Sgt. James R. Smith, series gunnery sergeant, Series 2117, Co. E.   

Redford said he aspires to one day become an officer in the force reconnaissance job field, but he enlisted in the Marines to learn leadership from the bottom up. 

Redford said. “I would never order someone to do something I wouldn’t do myself, and I think my enlisted experience will help prepare me for that kind of leadership responsibility.”  

Redford’s outstanding accomplishments and experiences in recruit training have set him up for success in the future.  

“It is hard to put into words what the boot camp experience is truly like,” he said. “Only through experience is one able to comprehend the incredible transformation a young motivated civilian goes through to earn the title U.S. Marine.”

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4.6.2017 WOD & Scores…

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