“Great Week…”

Posted: April 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

That Was An Amazing Week!!!

Personal Records Being Set All Over The Place & First Time Personal Records Being Established!!!

For Those That Didn’t “PR”… Like I Always Say… You Don’t Have To “PR” During “PR” Week…

Maybe It Just Wasn’t Your Day…

Stress… Work… School… Family… LIFE!!!

So Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over It…

I Have The Entire Next Strength/MetCon Cycle All Programmed & Trust Me… I’m Gonna Sneak Some 1 Rep Maxes Into The WODs On Random Days…

Some People Get The Disease Called “Paralysis By Analysis”…

You Over Think It… Especially When You Read The Blog The Night Before & Can’t Sleep @ Night!!!

Or You Read The Blog When You Wake Up & Can’t Even Function @ Work!!!

But Then When Something Is Just Snuck In There & You Stop Thinking About It So Much… And Then… BOOM… PR!!!

Next Week… We’ll Be Using 50% Of Your 1 Rep Max… LIGHT WEIGHT!!!

Great Job This Week Ladies & Gents…


8AM: Olympic Lifting 




Image result for success doesn't come overnight

4.7.2017 WOD & Scores…

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