“Light Weight Week…”

Posted: April 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

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Science Behind The Madness…

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50% This Week…

The Reason We Start Off Our Strength Cycles So Light Is So That We Can Fix Anything That Looks A Lil’ Sketchy On “X” Movement That You Are Performing…

That Way… As The Weeks Go On… Hopefully Whatever Coaching Cues We Give You Stay Imbedded In Your Head…

We’re Going To Going From 50% To 60% To 70% To 80%… With Some Surprises Along The Way…



For A Total Of 6 Rounds:

Using 50% Of Your 1 Rep Max Back Squat…

5 Back Squats

12 1 Arm DB Hang Power Or Muscle Snatches (6 Each Arm… Pick Your Poison…)

100 Meter 1 Arm DB Waiter’s Walk

DB Goes OverHead At The Tree… You Can Rest @ The 100 Meter Run… You Can Drop The DB Once You Get Back To The Tree…

No Penalty If You Drop It Before You Get To Your Destination… Obviously… You Just Can’t Progress…

Switch Arms On The Turn Around…

3…2…1… GO!!!


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