“READ IT!!!”

Posted: April 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hopefully Everyone Reads This… Especially Our New Memebers Who I Know For A Fact Coach Ivan & Myself Told Them Exactly Where To Go For The Blog…

So Here’s The Deal… I’m Just Gonna Lay It Out There…

We’ve Been Getting A Lot Of New People Who Aren’t Familiar With A Lot Of The Movements… Which Is Totally Fine & Expected… During A Normal WOD We’ll Work With Them On “X” Movement/Movements & Go On With The WOD…

But The WOD I Had Planned… Way To Many Movements For Our Beginners & I’m Not Stupid… Half Of You Don’t Even Read The Blog & It Would Take Forever To Explain & For All Of You Who Come In Ready To Go Would Get Pissed & Irritated… We Only Have 1 Hour…

So… Each Class Is Gonna Be Different Depending On Who Is In That Class…

Here’s The Fun WOD  I Had Planned…

“Spell Your FULL Name…”

That’s Right… Spell Out Your FULL Name!!!

Come In Ready!!!

For Time: 10 Reps Of Each Letter… MODifications Can Be Made…

A- AbMat Sit Ups

B- Box Jumps (M-24″/20″…)

C- Cleans (M-135/F-95lbs…)

D- Deadlifts

E- burpEEs

F- Front Squats

G- GHD Sit Ups

H- Hollow Rocks

I- Isolated Bicep Curls

J- Jumping Jacks

K -KettleBell Swings

L- Lunges

M- MedBall Slams

N- kNees To Elbows

O- OverHead DB Walking Lunges

P- Push Presses

Q- Quick Run (100 Meter Run)

R- Ring Dips

S- “Shouder To OverHeads”

T- Toes To Bar

U- double Unders

V- V- Ups

W- Wall Ball Shots

X- eXtra Rep For All The Above Movements

Y- 100 Meter db Yoke Walk

Z- Zoom Run…


Just To Safe… Bring A Piece Of Paper In With Everything Ready To Go…


Or WOD 2…

“Suicide Sprints…”

We’ll Explain During The Huddle Up… A Lot Of Running & Burpees!!!

3…2…1… GO!!!


Check Out The 2:50 Min Mark…

4.21.2017 WOD Will Be Up On FaceBook…

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