“Flags @ Half Staff… 1 Rep Max Week… Not ‘PR’ Week…”

Posted: May 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

1 Rep Max Week…

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But First…

By The Order Of The President Of The United States Of America… Flags Shall Be Flown @ Half Staff In Honor & Remembrance Of Peace Officers Memorial Day…

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Thank All Of You For Your Service & Protection…

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“PR Week”…

I Don’t Like The Sound Of It…

Personally… I Feel That The Phrase/Term “PR Week” Puts Too Much Pressure On You Ladies & Gents…

And For Those Of You That Do Have A True 1 Rep Max & You Don’t Surpass It… You End Up Walking Out Of The Box With You Head Hung Low & The Rest Of The Day/Week Is Ruined… Tell Me I’m Not Right?!?!?!

So Think About This Week As Just ” 1 Rep Max Week”…

On That Particular Day… Give It All You Got…

How Much Weight You Lift On That Day… That’s All You Had In You… For That Particular Day… You Could Probably Come In The Next Day & “PR” Out Of NoWhere Because You’re Not Thinking So Much About It…

For Our “Experienced” Athletes… 1 Request… If You “PR”… You’re Done!!! Leave The Box On A Happy Note!!!

Could You Have Gotten More??? Maybe… But Then You Leave The Box With Your Head Hung Low Instead Of Your Head Held High!!!

ALRIGHT… HERE WE GO!!! All Laid Out For You…

Monday: 1 Rep Max Back Squat

Tuesday: 1 Rep Max “Shoulder To OverHead”

Wednesday: 1 Rep Max DeadLift

Thursday: 1 Rep Max Snatch… And Clean & Jerk

Friday: A Fun Lil’ MetCon…

Saturday: Olympic Lifting @ 8AM/GRID WOD @ 10AM

Sunday: Active Rest Day



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