“F#@K Cancer…”

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Good Luck Mom & Alicia… Represent For RC CrossFit & The Fight Against Breast Cancer!!!

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 From RCCF’s Mom…

“Forgive me because I am going to be a little sentimental… Today I start my 14th year walking 39.3 Miles for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I began this walk in 2004 when my sister Veronica Padilla Nordstrom was diagnosed in 2003. I wanted to do something…anything to feel like I was helping and this popped up. Veronica is not only my sister but my best friend. We have done the time, we have struggled, we have endured, we have cried, laughed, questioned, watched, grieved, and everything in between. She stood next to me when the world fell apart on a young 18 year old who had no idea on what was coming. She helped me raise my son and helped transform him into who he is today. She stood with me and him …as he left to serve our country and endure two tours of Iraq. ❤️
I walk this walk because when I started this Mando Macias was enlisted in the Marine Corps and far away from me. I knew he would be my biggest supporter and I made it my goal to finish each walk for his safe return. My son was in Iraq twice and although I am proud as proud could be, I am sad that it robbed me of my son. It took pieces of him that we will never get back. Imagine how happy I was to walk with him several times throughout the years when he came home to us! The greatest feeling in the world to cross the finish line holding both of their hands. ❤️😎
In 2012 I was diagnosed with B Cell Lymphoma (a gland cancer) add me to he list of why I walk……
I still cry when I cross the finish line. I cry because I Have my Sister in my life … I Have my son in my life… I Have my own life and because I can walk. To everyone who has supported me throughout the years ..Thank You! I could not have done it without your support. ❤️


8AM: Olympic Lifting




From Me…
 My Mom Has Been Performing This “WOD/Walk” For The Past 13 Years… I’ve Had The Opportunity To Walk Along Side Her & My Aunt Veronica Numerous Times While The Walk Was Hosted By The City Of Long Beach… I’ve Had The Chance To Meet New People & Hear Their Stories About Why They’re Walking… Who They’re Walking For… And Also Their Own Struggle With Breast Cancer… There’s Nothing Like Crossing The Finish Line Holding My Mom’s & My Aunt Veronica’s Hands With Tears In Their Eyes Because They Accomplished What They Thought Was Impossible… Along With Tears In My Eyes Watching Them Accomplish What They Thought Was Impossible…
And Mom… I’ll Never Forget This…
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This Was Just Pulled Off The Internet…
But During Our 1st Walk… Every Few Light Posts Or Stop Lights… They Had Little Encouraging Signs Posted Up…
And This One Really Pushed My Mom To Keep On Going…
Her Feet Were Killing Her… It Was A Long Ass Day… At Any Moment She Could Stop & A Bus Could’ve Picked Her Up…
We Were Climbing Up This Big Ass Hill… Got To The Top… Had To Turn Left… And Posted On The Stop Light Was A Pink Sign With Black Letters That Read… “Blisters Don’t Need Chemo…”
Needless To Say… Hand In Hand… We Finished…
Love You Mom… Love You Auntie Veronica… Love You Grandma Gerry… And Love You & Rest In Peace Grandma Delia…
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9.8.2017 WOD & Scores…

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