“What Is TeamWork???”

Posted: October 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

What The “Fran” Was That?!?!

Yea… Friday Hurt…

Fran… 90 Dubbs/Mt. Climbers… 45 Burpees… 5 Rope Climbs…

Week 2 Is Almost Done…

We Still Have Saturday!!!

Come On Out Saturday Morning @ 9:45AM For RC CrossFit’s GRID (Team) WOD!!!

What is TeamWork?

“Teamwork is a collaborative action within a group of people who share a common goal. It could also be expressed with words such as unity, partnership, alliance and synergy.

The process of working together as a team is effective when members feel connected to each other. The opposite of team harmony is disconnection; team members are not able to find the synergy and the result is poor performance as a team as well as an individual.

Teamwork requires communication and interaction between the people involved. In business and sport, professionals often use proven techniques to improve the harmony between the co-workers or the athletes. Team building is one of them and presents a set of collaborative activities to enhance social relations among members…”

Polona Fonda



***BE AT THE BOX BY 9:45AM!!!***



Image result for grid crossfit

Related image

10.20.2017 WOD & Scores…

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