“Week 2 Done…”

Posted: October 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

Week 2 Is In The Books…Image result for week 2 done

Another Great Week With… Yes… Yet Again… A Lot Of “PRs” Out Of No Where!!!

Lots Of Personal Records Being Broken By Our Veteran RCCF Athletes & Our New RCCF Athletes Got A Great Starting Foundation For Some Pretty Technical Lifts…

Next Week… Different Lifts… Different Complexes… Same Good Ol’ Ass Kickin’s!!!

Before You Go On Your Sunday Funday…

Image result for crossfit batman and robin meme

Guest Week…

Guest Week Has Come On Gone…

A Nice Turn Out That Brought In Some New Faces… And Some Old Ones Out Of The Wood Works…

But Just Because Guest Week Is Over Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Bring In Your Family Member(s), Friend(s), Co-Worker(s), Etc Etc Into RC CrossFit To Give It A Try!

I’ve Either Been Told Personally Or OverHeard People Saying… “I Was Gonna Bring My Friend In… He/She Really Wants/Wanted To Try It But They Were Busy That Week…” Or Some Other Excuse…

Well… Whenever They Have An Hour To Spare… BRING THEIR BUTTS IN!!!

All We Ask Is That You Give The Coaches A Heads Up Before Bringing Them In…

If Talking About CrossFit Isn’t Already 90% Of Your Daily Conversations… It Soon Will Be…

You’ll Talk About CrossFit To All Your Family & Friends…


I’m Not Gonna Lie… There’s Going To Be A Breaking Point… Where They Might Just Slap You In The Face!!!

Good!!! Bring Them In & Show Them What They’re Missing!!!


Active Rest Day… Get Out & Do Something!!!



Image result for week 2 done

10.21.2017 WOD & Scores…

No automatic alt text available.
So Here’s Next Week… Kinda… New Strength Training Cycle/Program
Monday: Olympic Lifting
Tuesday: Press Work
Wednesday: Deadlift @ 70%
Thursday: Squat Work
Friday: MetCon
Saturday: GRID
Sunday: Active Rest Day
You’re Welcome…

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