“Lung Burner/Fran Lung…”

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And Just Like That… We Went From 60% To 80% On Our Strength Lifts In Just 3 Weeks… OUCH!!! Great Job…

The Past 3 Days Have Had Some Pretty “Long-ish” WODs…

Today… Today’s Gonna Hurt… A Lot…

It’s Gonna Be A “Lung Burner”…

Have You Ever Heard Someone Say… “Man… That Was A Lung Burner!!!” As They Are Grabbing Onto Their Chest Trying To Squeeze Those Words Out Of Their Mouth All While Breathing As Though They Were Having A Heart Attack?!?!

They Just Went Through A Lung Burner WOD…

What The Heck Does That Mean?!?!

One Of The Most Famous “Lung Burner” WODs… “FRAN”!!!

“Fran” Not Only Has Her Own WOD… But Her Own Term For Those Burning Lungs…

“Fran Lung”…

What Is “Fran Lung”? Or Any Other “Lung Burner” WOD?

“The burning lung sensation (aka “Fran Lung”) is commonly felt after workouts such as Fran, or those that are short in duration and extremely high in intensity. The medical term is Exercised Induced Interstitial Pulmonary Edema. Many people complain of coughing, the feeling of mucus in their lungs, and possibly a metallic taste. There is evidence to suggest that the integrity of the lung blood-gas barrier (BGB) in elite athletes is altered after short-term maximal exercise (think short met-cons…).

Getting even more technical…. it’s a form of flash pulmonary edema where you body is essentially drowning itself. Primarily due to the high rep, moderate weight thrusters and the short time in which they’re done, your body consumes a large amount of oxygen and generates a lot of lactic acid quickly. These both create a massive drive to breathe and blow off the acid (as carbon dioxide) and breathe in O2. Since people who do Fran are generally young and very fit, your diaphragm and chest wall muscles are able to generate a huge amount of force when breathing in. This creates a large negative pressure gradient in your lungs that actually sucks fluid out of the capillaries within your lungs and into the airspaces themselves. Although the amount of fluid is relatively small, it’s enough to slightly impair your ability to exchange O2 and CO2 and make you feel like you’re drowning (burning, coughing, air hunger). It generally takes at least 20-30 minutes for your body to reabsorb enough fluid back into your lung capillaries to get rid of most of the symptoms, but it can take 12-24 hours to reabsorb all the fluid which is why it takes so long to feel right again.”

So If You Develop A Cough Today… It’s Most Likely This “Fran-Like” WOD…

Don’t Worry… You Don’t Have The Flu!!!


Skill Work…

15 Mins of:

Hang Power Snatch & Pull Up Practice

***Rest For 5 Mins… At The 20 Min Mark…***


***Hang Power Snatch… Use The Same Weight As The Past 2 Weeks… Don’t Go Heavier!!!***

For Time:

21 Hang Power Snatches

21 Pull Ups

15 Hang Power Snatches

15 Pull Ups

9 Hang Power Snatches

9 Pull Ups… TIME!!!



“Remember December…”

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12.20.2017 WOD & Scores…

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Here’s The Whole Week… Kinda…

Monday… Strength/MetCon: Back Squats @ 80% of your 2 Rep Max… Done!!!

Tuesday… Strength: Push Presses @ 75% & 80% of your 2 Rep Max… MetCon: Push Jerks @ 80% of your 2 Rep Max … Done!!!

Wednesday… Strength/MetCon: “Single & Controlled” Deadlifts @ 80% of your 1 Rep Max… Done!!!

Thursday… Hang Power Snatch Practice… MetCon: Hang Power Snatches Using Same Weight As Last 2 Weeks…

Friday… Competition WOD…

Saturday… 9AM 12 Days Of Christmas WOD!!!

Sunday… Closed For Christmas Eve…

Monday… Closed For Christmas!!!

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