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Week 2 Started Off Great With An Intro To Hang Power Snatches…

Not Gonna Lie… It Got Pretty Crazy… I’ll Let This Explain…

No automatic alt text available.

Only A “CrossFitter” Would Understand The Above Madness!!!

Great Work On The Hang Power Snatches…

Now Let’s Take It Down To A Squat…




Hang Snatch


***Double Unders… ADV/Rx’d/Sx’d: M&F… MOD: Doubled Singles…***

***MedBall Cleans… ADV/Rx’d/Sx’d: M-20lbs/F-14lbs…***

***Hang Power Snatches… ADV: M-135lbs/F-95lbs… Rx’d: M-115lbs/F-85lbs… Sx’d: M-95lbs/F-65lbs…***


For Time:

25 Double Unders

25 MedBall Cleans

25 Dubbs

25 Push Ups

5 Hang Snatches


20 Dubbs

20 MedBall Cleans

20 Dubbs

20 Push Ups

4 Hang Snatches


15 Dubbs

15 MedBall Cleans

15 Dubbs

15 Push Ups

3 Hang Snatches


10 Dubbs

10 MedBall Cleans

10 Dubbs

10 Push Ups

2 Hang Snatches


5 Dubbs

5 MedBall Cleans

5 Dubbs

5 Push Ups

1 Hang Snatch… TIME!!!




“Method Behind the Madness…”

Related image

5.7.2018 WOD & Scores…

No automatic alt text available.

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