“Middle Of The Freeway/KB Complex…”

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But 1st…

Huge Classes On Monday &Tuesday!!!

And That’s What I Like To See!!!

Hoping To Keep It That Way…

Can’t Wait To See Each Class Grow & Grow As The Station Grows & Grows!!!

Remember How You Loaded Up Your Barbell… You’re Going To See Something Like That On Wednesday!!!

***NO 10AM Class This Friday!!!***


Happy Birthday StrawBerry!!!

Image may contain: one or more people and people dancing

I Don’t Get To Coach You As Much As I’d Like… But When I Do… YOU KICK ASS!!!

Wish We Could Train Every Day… But I Know You’re Out There Keepin’ The Streets Safe!!!

Happy Birthday & Stay Safe…


“In The Middle Of The Freeway…”
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Imagine Being In One Of Monday Classes…

Think About It…

Whether You Drive A Car… A Truck… A Jeep… A Motorcycle… Whatever…

Would You Ever Change Your Tire In The Middle Of A Busy Freeway?!?!

I Mean… Not On The Side Of The Freeway… IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREEWAY!!!

How About Change Your Oil?!?!

Cars.. Trucks… Semi’s Flying By You While You’re Changing Out That Broken Head Or Tail Light…

Would You Wash Your Vehicle In The Middle Of The Freeway?!?!

Would You Stop In The Middle Of The Freeway To Check Your Tire Pressure?!?!

Image result for getting out in the middle of the freeway

What The Hell Is Coach Getting At?!?!

We Have A Spot In The Station Designated To “Change Your Body’s Oil”… To “Fix Your Body’s Broken Head Or Tail Light… To “Wash/Clean Up Your Body”… To “Check Your Body’s Tire Pressure”…

The MOBility/Lounge Area…

Image may contain: indoor
Do It There!!!

Don’t Bring A Foam Roller Onto The Work Out Floor & Have A Full On Roll Out Session While The Freakin’ Class Is Going On The Bars Dropping Everywhere & Other Athletes Running Around Doing Crazy Things!!! There’s A Place For That…

It’s Literally Called The MOBility/Lounge Area… Do It There!!!

Before & After A Class… Do It Wherever You Want… But Once The Huddle Up Begins… No Rolling Out On The Work Out Floor!!!

Hell… Even Our Warm Ups Are That Intense Where Someone Could Get Injured…

Image may contain: text
Image may contain: text

For Your Safety & The Safety Of Others… Thanks!!!

Related image

Alright… Have Fun With This One…

For The Deadlifts… Using The Same WEIGHTS That You Used On Monday…

Come In Early To Set Up!!


The KettleBell Thruster Complex:

1 1-Arm KB Thruster + 1 1-Arm KB Thruster + 1 2-Arm KB Thruster = 3 Reps

We’ll Practice… You’ll Get It…

Don’t Over Think It!!!




***BarBell Weights…***


M: 205lbs-225lbs-245lbs- 275lbs-305lbs-315lbs

F: 135lbs-155lbs-165lbs- 185lbs-205lbs-225lbs


M: 155lbs-185lbs-205lbs-225lbs-245lbs-275lbs

F: 105lbs-115lbs-135lbs-155lbs-165lbs-185lbs


M: 115lbs-135lbs-155lbs-185lbs-205lbs-225lbs

F: 85lbs-95lbs-105lbs-115lbs-135lbs-155lbs

***KettleBells/DumbBells… Pick Your Poison…***

***Chest To Bar Pull Ups… ADV/Rx’d/Sx’d… MOD 1: Chin To Bar Pull Ups… MOD 2: C.C.***

20 Min TIME CAP!!!


For Time:

Deadlifts: 21-15-9-5-3-1 

KB/DB Thruster Complex: 15-12-9-6-3-1 

Chest To Bar Pull Ups: 12-9-6-3-1-(18 Burpees) 

Confused?!?! You’ll Get It…




Related image

6.19.2018 WOD & Scores…

No automatic alt text available.
No automatic alt text available.

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