“Abs… A Nice Side Effect…”

Posted: July 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

More ABS!!!

And Heavy Deadlifts…

Hello/Good Bye Core!!!

“Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder and CEO, was quoted saying “We don’t do abs, we do midline stabilization.” It sounds kind of snobby and elitist, but really, Glassman is making an important distinction. Your ‘midline’ does not just include your abdominals, or six-pack muscles. In reality, ‘core strength’ means spinal stability, and this goes far beyond our abs.

Midline stability relies not only on your core musculature, but on your body’s prime movers too. These include the muscles in your hips, glutes, hamstrings and spinal erectors. Midline stability refers to the capacity to maintain neutral spine under load through full range of motion. It takes awareness and control of all these muscles to keep the spine stiff and stable, from the top of the head to the base of the sacrum. The ability to maintain a stable midline goes the other way too; it allows you to utilize the prime movers more efficiently.

I’m commonly asked, “what do you do for abs?” My answer; everything, and we don’t stop at abs. Almost every movement you perform at CrossFit requires you to engage your midline and maintain a neutral spine.

So basically… Having a strong core is vital for almost all exercises in Crossfit. It will help to prevent injury, protect your spine, improve posture and stabilze lifts and movement. Abs are also a nice side effect of building a solid core…”

Robbie Hudson





Same Weight As Last Week…

You Will Have 12 Mins To Perform:

12 “Single & Controlled” Deadlifts 


Deadlifts… ANY STYLE You Want… ADV: M-275lbs/F-165lbs… Rx’d: M-245lbs/F-155lbs… Sx’d: M-225lbs/F-155lbs…***

***GHD Sit Ups… ADV/Rx’d/Sx’d… MOD: MedBall Sit Ups…***

***Hang Knee Raises… ADV/Rx’d/Sx’d… MOD: 21/15/9/5 Second Hang From Bar…***

?? Min TIME CAP… To Be Determined… I Had To Stop MID-WOD For A Walk- In… (All They Wanted Was Directions To The Moreno Valley Mall But Then Started Asking About Us…) I Ended Up Finishing @ 19:51 Rx’d… Let’s See How 25 Mins Goes… Let’s See What You Got 5AMers!!!


For Time:

7 Deadlifts

21 Cal Row (4 Pump Runs…)

21 GHD Sit Ups

21 AbMat Sit Ups

21 Hang Knee Raises

21 Knee Tucks

21 Hollow Rocks


7 Deadlifts

15 Cal Row (3 Pump Runs…)

15 GHD Sit Ups

15 AbMat Sit Ups

15 Hang Knee Raises

15 Knee Tucks

15 Hollow Rocks


7 Deadlifts

9 Cal Row

9 GHD Sit Ups (2 Pump Runs…)

9 AbMat Sit Ups

9 Hang Knee Raises

9 Knee Tucks

9 Hollow Rocks


7 Deadlifts

5 Cal Row (1 Pump Run…)

5 GHD Sit Ups

5 AbMat Sit Ups

5 Hang Knee Raises

5 Knee Tucks

5 Hollow Rocks


7 Deadlifts… TIME!!!





Image result for crossfit midline stabilization

7.17.2018 WOD & Scores…

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No automatic alt text available.

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