“Safe/Smart But Not Too Safe/Scared…”

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Today & Tomorrow We Will Be Establishing A “Safe Starting Point” For Front Squats & For Push Jerks…

This Cycle Is Going To Run Just Like The Last One…

That Being Said…

Be Smart About Your Lifts…

You’ll Be Adding 5-20lbs To Your Lifts Every Single Week For 6 Weeks…

Play It Safe/Smart… But Not Too Safe/Scared…

Now That You Have Went Though This Style Of A Strength Training Program… Be Smart & Play Around With It!!!

Set A Goal…

At The End Of This 8 Week Cycle… What Do You Want Your 3 Rep Max Front Squat Or Push Jerk To Be?!?! How About Your 1 Rep Max?!?!

Subtract “X”lbs From That Number & Figure Out Where You Would Have To Start & How Much Weight You Would Have To Add Each Week In Order To Reach That Goal…

That’s For The Front Squats & Jerks…

The Deadlifts… Don’t Worry… I’ll Take Care Of You… The “Math” Will Be Easy…

The Olympic Lifts… Let’s Just Have Fun!!!

Another August Baby…

Happy Birthday Raj!!!

Image may contain: Singh Dilraj, smiling
You’ve Come A Long Way Sir!!!
Both In The Gym & Out… And I’m Very Proud To Have Been Apart Of That Process…
Stay Focused & Keep Doing What You’re Doing Day In & Day Out…
Except Water Breaks… Stop Taking So Many Water Breaks!!! LOL…
Keep Up The Good Work Brotha!!!
Image may contain: 4 people, including Singh Dilraj, people smiling, people standing
And Don’t Forget To Stop By His Restaurant Next Time You’re Cravin’ Some Indian Food!!!
Image may contain: one or more people



Warm Up…

I’m Going To Make Sure You’re Plenty Warm For The Strength… You Gotta Be Moving!!!


You Will Have 12 Mins To Establish Your Heaviest 5 Rep Max Front Squat

There’s No Spotting For The Front Squat… If You Can’t Stand It Up… Dump The BarBell In Front Of You… If You Can’t Clean It… Take Some Weight Off The Bar So You Can Clean It Back Up To The Rack…


***MedBall Cleans… Rx’d: M-20lbs/F-14lbs…***

***Strict Sit Ups… Rx’d: M&F… ADV: GHD Sit Ups…***

***Double Unders… Rx’d: M&F… MOD: Mt. Climbers…***

***15 Min TIME CAP!!!***


For Time:

25 MedBall Cleans

15 AbMat Sit Ups

50 Double Unders


20 MedBall Cleans

15 AbMat Sit Ups

40 Double Unders


15 MedBall Cleans

15 AbMat Sit Ups

30 Double Unders


10 MedBall Cleans

15 AbMat Sit Ups

20 Double Unders


5 MedBall Cleans

15 AbMat Sit Ups

10 Double Unders… TIME!!!


3…2…1… GO!!!


Image result for Laser Beams quotes

No Clue How This Came Up?!?! Just Typed In 3 Rep Max Front Squat Into YouTube & This Popped Up!!! LoL… I’m My Own Worst Critic!!! So Many Flaws…

RainCross OGs… Who Is “This” Original?!?! Who Remembers Training At The MMA Gym With No Rubber Flooring?!?! And That Shirt… I Swear… It Was A Sign That One Day I Would Have My Own Gym… “RainCross” Strength & Conditioning… I Swear… I Made That Shirt Along With My Light Gray/Black One in August Of 2011… It Didn’t Say RC CrossFit… It Said RainCross… The Back Has The “Bell” With “CrossFit” In The Middle… And Look Where We’re At Now… RainCross CrossFit Coming Soon!!!

And… Oh How I Miss My White Nike Romaleos!!!

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